How to Secure a PDF on a MAC

One of the biggest concerns as a TpT Seller is making sure that your
product is not stolen in any way. I know what your thinking…You had no
idea that you have to secure a PDF File in order to make sure all of
your files cannot be lifted. I am right there with you. When I first
entered the design world, I had no idea that you needed to secure your
files or even how to do it. I felt silly for not knowing to use these
very easy security measures. Don’t worry you DO NOT need Adobe Acrobat
or even similar products for this! 

Today I will teach you how to secure your PDFs & how to make sure that your previously created PDFs are secure.

Making sure your PDF files are secure: Go ahead
an open up one of your PDF files.  Right click on your image of
choice.  If you are able to save this image to your desktop YOUR FILE IS NOT SECURE.

How to secure a PDF file:S imply
open your PDF through preview Go to File – Print. Notice at the bottom
where it says PDF? clicking this button will allow a drop down menu to
appear. Choose Save as PDF


  • You will be brought to a page that looks like this. Your next step is to click on the Security Options tab.

    • Once you click the Security Options tab, this window will pop up.  
    • Make sure to Require password to copy, text, images & other content
    • Insert your password Click Save Your PDF is now secure.

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