Setting Intentional Goals for your Business in 3 Easy Steps


Happy New Year Friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year. First of all, thank you all for sticking with me through this very busy time in my life. For those of you who are not aware of where I’ve been, I have been busy learning the ins & outs of my new school, getting to know my students and their families & finding my way in the wonderful world of kindergarten..And let’s not forget the holidays!  I am now officially an Art teacher turned Kindergarten teacher who still rocks out fun supplemental art projects with my kiddos.  It’s been a crazy, great end to 2015 and now I’m ready to bring bigger and better to both my classroom & my TeacherPayTeachers store. This year, I resolve to be the best teacher, person & teacherprenuer/ TpT Author I can be.

My big focus for this year is living a life with INTENTION #olw. I am focusing on adding intention to my work/school life, my business and my personal well being. In this post, I am going to share with you a few of my tips for taking charge of your work and personal life while still finding time to be a rockstar teacherprenuer.


Figure out what your goals are and work towards making them a reality.  Work on setting goals that take you outside of your comfort zone. An intentional goal is a goal that is focused, measurable & meaningful.
Each day, record what you are working on today. Making these smaller steps will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by your end goal.
My intentional goals for 2016 are:
  • Focus on Laura (Me). This is a BIG one. I tend to always forget to take time for me. This year I am going to add a real focus to taking care of myself. I used to do yoga everyday…now I make excuses and say I’ll do it later. NO MORE! Being a better version of myself starts today.
  • Focus on my business.  I’m really going to be paying attention to creating a lot more and building up my brand. My business has grown so much since my start in 2014 and I intend to keep growing, building, and getting better!
  • Focus on being the best teacher I can be. I strive to bring my kiddos the best resources and activities that I can. I am constantly listening to podcasts from other educators and entrepreneurs, now it’s time I do something with the wealth of information I have.


I like to sit down at the start of a new week & plan out what I want to accomplish that week. I plan to do one or two things per day. This way I am more able to focus on the projects that I need to get done. I am beginning to take a look at when I am most productive and planning my intentional goals around this.

I have created this downloadable sheet To keep track of my work, TpT, fitness and life goals. By scheduling out when I do things, I hope to cut down on some of the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Organization = less stress and a happier life.  🙂

My favorite way to create a monthly overview is to use Evernote. if you don’t currently use Evernote as a planning too, you need to. It will change your life. I love having the ability to write out my plans while on the go, or in the classroom and have them later on my computer when I sit down to work.

Your overview can be as simple as making lists. For me, I have a grid set up into 4 categories; clipart & resources to design, marketing strategies, blog posts & membership clubs (tips & tricks). In each category, I list all of the things that I want to accomplish.

These lists will be your base for creating your weekly schedule. Choose no more than 2 things to work on per day & put them in order of importance. This will help you to focus & become more efficient in your weekly scheduling.

**Because of the delay in Membership Club product releases – each active membership has been extended by 1 month.**


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