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As a designer, I understand the frustration that so many have when faced with choosing the right file type for their products. Let’s get real, as a teacher and business owner, I want to have the confidence to know that I am posting the best images to showcase my brand every. single. time. I get on Instagram or Pinterest.  Choosing the correct file format is key. I developed this quick guide as a cheat sheet for all you teachers, bloggers and avid Instagramer. This guide breaks image types down for you in terms you are sure to understand.

Images are a vital part of grabbing attention on the web or in print format. Choosing the right format is important. The quality of your images may be compromised if you choose to use the wrong file format. You. Do. Not. Want. That. I know it seems confusing but stick with me, it will all make sense in a moment.

Let’s talk TeachersPayTeachers for a moment.

The two most common file formats that you will see among sellers are .PNG and .PDF files. Most clipart artists like myself, will only offer .PNG formatted images to ensure that your are receiving the highest quality images possible. While many other sellers out there are choosing to use .PDF to secure images and guarantee a high quality product. Think about it. You’re on tpt to sell products right? Good. I thought so. So don’t overlook the importance of high quality work. Do you think if my designs weren’t saved as high resolution .PNG files that I would be as successful as I am. Umm, NO. Quality = repeat sales.

There are many different types of file formats.

I have identified the 6 most commonly used file formats in the chart below.The side by side comparison that you see below should serve as a visual aid to help you understand the differences between each file type.  This free file format guide will also give you a sense of what each file type is used for. Go ahead and download it. Print it out, laminate it and place it in your planner for quick reference.


I hope you have found this beginners guide to file formatting helpful. If you’re interested in learning more or your a design tip junkie like me, go ahead an subscribe to get updates on my new #DesignSchool Master Class. Learn design basics and how to use them to enhance your business. Stay tuned. Design School coming January 2017.

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