Organize your business with the right planner

When you’re a blogger, business owner, and teacher it can be hard to keep track of absolutely everything. I have spent countless hours searching for the perfect planner to meet ALL of my needs.

The Erin Condren Life Planner. If you haven’t been introduced to this planner yet, please allow me to do so. This planner is durable and has a the ability to be broken up into sections that suit your life style. The Erin Condren Planner comes in both a vertical and horizontal layout, both are great but I prefer the vertical layout for my needs. I use planner stickers to change the morning, afternoon and evening headers to life, school and TeachersPayTeachers this helps me to see everything all in one place.

You can check try it at $10 off {here}. This is by far my favorite planner on the market. It fits perfectly into my purse or teacher bag {depending on the day}. I take it everywhere with me BUT I still needed more control and power over how my my planner looks and functions.

For a while I had both my Erin Condren Planner AND a separate binder for all of my TpT and blogging stuff. I quickly realized that this just didn’t work for me. I need everything in one place or I just won’t look at it. #Teachertruth. I needed to design pages that could be added to my existing life planner.

Enter, my TpT Business Planner {page inserts} that fit both Erin Condren and Plum Paper Planners. For those of you still wondering about size, these pages are 7×8.75 created to fit a 7×9 planner.

The TpT Business Planner was designed with TeachersPayTeacher sellers and bloggers in mind. Each page focuses on  a specific aspect of the TpT selling experience from social media stats to blog and product planning.

Who does this planner benefit? Everyone interested being a successful business owner or blogger. You’re thinking to yourself but I don’t blog that seriously, is this really for me. My answer, yes. It ia s never to late to take a serious look at your blog. If it’s something that you love, build it up! This planner will help you to set goals for yourself and keep them.

I’ve printed the planner now what? 
Here comes the fun part. Chanel your inner crafter and lets get started. In just 5 easy steps you will be #tptplanninglikeaboss

What You’ll Need:

  • Exact Knife
  • Small Hole Punch 
  • 1inch Lamination Strips (or Washi Tape)
  • Laminator

1. After selecting and printing your planner pages, use the trimming guide to cut the pages down to  size. An exacto knife works best for a clean cut.

2. Cut a 1inch laminating strip to place along the edge of your page. Running this through the laminator will give you extra durability when adding or removing pages from your planner. **You
can also do this with washi tape.**

3. Using your planner cover as a guide you are going to want to punch holes along the laminated edge using your small hole punch.

4. Next, cut a slit into each hole punch.

5. Carefully insert into your planner and your ready to start planning like a boss!

Share your TpT Business Planner and how you’re using these easy to use planner pages on Instagram using the hastag #tptplanninglikeaboss. Happy Planning!

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