Create Hand-Drawn Vector Graphics – Class Review

Calling all creatives! Today I want to review an amazing class for aspiring digital artists. Back in December I began taking the Design Garden’s Foundations Class and quickly fell in love with it.

If you love to draw and want to turn your drawings into digital graphics, I strongly suggest checking out this class. It’s great for beginners and not so beginners( like myself) alike. It’s no secret that I have been transitioning my shop from cute to feminine with watercolor being my main focus.

This class has kept me on point, dedicated to my work and disciplined. Truth be told when my class ends this week, I’m going to be a little bummed. I have truly loved working through all of the lessons. I’m already panning on taking another class.

Learn to Create Hand Drawn Vector Graphics

What I love about this class is that it wasn’t all about  drawing learning techniques. This class truly covers it all from conception to completion. You will learn basic drawing, design tips and even how and where to to sell your graphics.

This 6 week course takes you step by step through the design process.

A brief overview of the course:

  • Week 1: Research and Inspiration
    • Determine who your ideal client is and create and inspiration board.
  • Week 2: Drawing
    • We went over simplifying our drawings and the importance of drawing variations of our work.
  • Week 3: Working in Illustrator, Part I
    • We learned how to scan and use Illustrator to digitize your drawings.
  • Week 4: Working in Illustrator, Part 2
    • We learned about fills, textures, outline style.
  • Week 5: Color
    • We worked on creating a balanced and harmonious color schemes for our clip art sets.
  • Week 6: Selling Your Art
    • This week was jam packed with great information! We learned how to size and format our images for sale and where to sell. We also talked about pricing, licensing as well as where and how to market or work.
  • BONUS Content
    • Bonus content is released as a reward for completing assignments, sharing your work and commenting on others work. This is a great motivator!

Foundation Class Hand Drawn Graphics


Here you can see the evolution of my clipart set from start to finish.


You can find these cuties here:



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