New Watercolor Illustrations

I am so excited to announce that all of my hard work and determination has finally paid off. I have released two new watercolor clip art sets in my Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy shops! It has been a long journey getting to this point, with all of the watercolor […]

Trick or Treat {A Blog Hop}

  Hello friends! I am so excited that you decided to join us for the Trick or Treat Blog Hop hosted by Rachael over at The Classroom Game Nook! What is the Trick or Treat blog hop you might ask? You will hop around from blog to blog collecting Tricks(Tips) […]

Let’s Talk Membership Clubs

Are you a clipart addict? Are you constantly checking to see if I’ve posted new clipart sets to my store? If you’ve answered yes to both you are going to LOVE what I have in store for you! I have been working hard and putting in long hours to bring […]

Pittsburgh Meetup in Review & a Giveaway!

  Hello, hello. This week after tons of preparation and emailing just about every educational company on the planet(OK, that’s a slight exaggeration!), I had the privilege of hosting our first Blogger/TpT meet up in the Pittsburgh area. Loved. It. I finally got the chance to meet these lovely ladies, […]

Free Choice in the Art Room

YES, please! You’re probably thinking, “What!? Are you nuts? Nope, not nuts. Free choice is a great way to allow students to explore their creativity. Have a dedicated area or time for free choice can allow students to use their imaginations. I am sure that I don’t have to tell […]

Introducing Students to The Stories Behind Art

Have you ever thought about what an artist was thinking when creating a work? What the meaning behind it is? Why the artist used certain colors or types of lines? This is a pretty normal reaction when viewing a work of art. We want to learn everything we can about […]

Erin Condren Notebook Review

Ok, all. I was so excited today to look out on my front stoop and see this beauty sitting there! I mean who wouldn’t get excited about a box THIS pretty? The packaging is beautiful and makes you feel important while opening it.  I almost didn’t want to open the […]

Teacher Blogger TShirts

Are they important to have? Maybe not but it’s a good idea, especially for blog meetups. It’s a great way for everyone to see who you are. Most people recognize you by your blog button more so than what you look like in real life. Shocking? No. We identify ourselves […]

Help! I’m having trouble opening my TpT download!

I am starting to see this question being asked more & MORE throughout the TpT community. It’s on our Q&A’s and sometimes even in our feedback – REALLY!? You know, the feedback that says “Help! I can’t open this file, it won’t download, the .pgn files aren’t showing up on […]